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Ralf Kellenberger
Ralf Kellenberger

I was born 1982 in Pforzheim, Germany, known as the „Golden City“. Raised by my mother, a jewelry designer and my father, a diamond setter. It was their natural talent and sharp eye for detail that have inspired me through the years to create a unique and timeless collection.

„Humbled by art, inspired by the earth.“

Ralf KellenbergerRalf Kellenberger
Jewelry with character

„To innovately revive something with character that has gone lost“

Whether flea markets or vintage exhibitions, I always look for old buttons and accessories that tell their own story and have survived a generation. I continue these stories by integrating the elements into my products to create something innovative with character, like for example a new closure.
Ralf KellenbergerRalf Kellenberger
Art that stands for itself

„Timeless pieces of jewelry that are enhanced through wearing them“

I do not follow recent trends of the jewelry industry, but instead give my products a timeless design. My products gain more character and expression with an increasing wear time.
Ralf KellenbergerRalf Kellenberger
Love for details

„Passion combined with the highest demand for quality and sustainability“

The passion for my products is based on my personal lifeblood, my descent from a jewelry-producing family and my experience over the years.

Quality and sustainability are of great importance in the development of my products. This concerns the manufacturing itself and the service. My products have never been complained about or disapproved of. This remains to be my goal for the future.