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Ralf Kellenberger

Ralf Kellenberger comes from a jewelry family in the gold town of Pforzheim. After his studies as a jewelry designer, he worked for a world-famous fashion label for more than ten years, where he was the senior jewelry designer and head of the jewelry line.

In 2019, he founded his jewelry brand “Ralf Kellenberger” in Frankfurt am Main.

Ralf KellenbergerRalf Kellenberger
Jewelry with character

Humbled by art, inspired by the earth

Ralf Kellenberger finds inspiration for his designs wherever people have left their mark. Whether old finds at flea markets, unique places around the globe or preserved memories that tell their own individual story. Ralf interprets, abstracts and integrates elements from them, which are then reflected in his works.

Ralf KellenbergerRalf Kellenberger
Works of art that stand on their own

Timeless pieces of jewelry that gain expression by being worn

“I do not follow current trends in the jewelry industry. Over time, the designs merge with the style of the wearer, and thus shape an individual expression and character.”

Ralf Kellenberger

Ralf KellenbergerRalf Kellenberger
Attention to detail

Passion combined with the highest standards of quality and sustainability

Quality, sustainability and authenticity are top priorities for Ralf Kellenberger. All products are handmade originals “Made in Germany”.