Power – Ring


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The majestic lion embodies strength, grace and elegance.

“My first-born child, Frida Grace, inspired me to create this piece of jewelry, which reflects her incredible strength. She opened a door to a new world for me and so I dedicated this lion to her, which is inspired by an ancient door knocker.”

diameter of lion: 17 mm | 925/- Silver | Made in Germany

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54 (Ø 17,2mm), 55 (Ø 17,5mm), 56 (Ø 17,8mm), 57 (Ø 18,1mm), 58 (Ø 18,4mm), 59 (Ø 18,8mm), 60 (Ø 19,1mm), 61 (Ø 19,4mm), 62 (Ø 19,7mm), 63 (Ø 20,1mm), 64 (Ø 20,4mm), 65 (Ø 20,7mm), 66 (Ø 21,0mm), 67 (Ø 21,3mm), 68 (Ø 21,7mm)