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Symbolic unisex charms for women & men - distinctive and subtle at the same time

Are you looking for a piece of jewelry that expresses your personality while giving you luck, strength and protection? Discover my collection of charms for women & men - pendants that convince with their symbolic meaning and striking design, without being too obtrusive.

Not just classic jewelry: unisex charms with symbolic power

Ralf Kellenberger's charms are not just everyday pieces of jewelry. The carefully selected symbols and motifs give these charms a special touch. Instead of having only visual appeal, they stand out for their symbolic power and allow both sexes to express their personal values and views.

Marked and discreet pendants - wear your talisman close to your heart

Despite their symbolic power, my unisex charms are both striking and understated. Rather than drawing attention to themselves, they are also intended, among other things, as a personal talisman or lucky charm to be worn under your shirt, giving you luck and protection in everyday life.

Various designs and materials: find your perfect pendant

In the pendant product category, you'll find a wide selection of different designs and materials, so there's a charm to suit every taste and style. Wählen Sie aus einer Vielzahl von ausdrucksstarken Anhängern, darunter:
  • Stilvolle Metallanhänger aus Gold, Silber oder Edelstahl
  • Edel ausgearbeitete Symbolschmuckstücke mit Diamanten oder Edelsteinen
  • Glücksbringer in Form von Tiermotiven, spirituellen Symbolen oder SchutzamulettenFinden Sie Ihren persönlichen Glücksbringer und zeigen Sie Ihre Persönlichkeit mit den einzigartigen Charms by Ralf Kellenberger.